Steve’s mission

Steve’s mission begun in the 80s, when he experienced first-hand at ICI the damaging impact that bad leadership has on a company, in terms of stressed out people who couldn’t be themselves at work, politics, self-interest and process overload. The company was under performing, innovation was getting crushed, the company was shrinking and its share returns were falling.

Steve realised that it was the CEOs who made the difference; if the company had a great CEO, the company had a chance. If it didn’t, the business was destined for failure.

Aged 23, Steve made a decision to meet the top CEOs in the world, work with them, teach their best practice and then, develop the next generation of leaders.

Steve believes that through the CEO, the next generation of companies will be disruptive and entrepreneurial at scale, whilst delivering super-returns. He believes that all employees need to be inspired, connected globally, fully empowered and united behind the company.

Steve believes the biggest challenge for the next generation of CEOs is to create companies, that are:

  • Disruptive and entrepreneurial at scale
  • Systemically wired to outperform, quarter after quarter, year on year
  • Dynamic, agile and “alive”, rather than lifeless, corporate machines
  • Globally connected and not restricted to one centre
  • Powered by great people who are passionate and free to be themselves

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